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  • Caregiver Burnout: What Is It and How to Avoid It

    Have you become the primary caregiver for a parent or family member? When first starting out, you were probably glad to help out in any way you can! It starts with picking up their prescriptions, running [...]

  • Senior Fall Prevention Guide

    More than one-fourth of American seniors fall each year. Knowing this statistic, you may be out researching fall prevention tips to help yourself or a loved one. Whoever or whatever the reason may be, there are [...]

  • Caring for Elderly Parents, No Matter Where They Live

    Adult children at some point realize an uncomfortable truth—parents age. But they do more than simply age; aging parents may also need their adult children to help them out more than ever. The prospect of children [...]

  • Craft Activities for Seniors

    Arts and crafts are fun at any age. From engaging with others to sparking creativity, there's nothing like getting your hands dirty (or should we say glittery?) in the name of fun. Looking for craft ideas [...]

  • Growing Joy—Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

    Fresh air. Physical activity. Connection to nature. A sense of accomplishment. There are plenty of reasons people enjoy gardening... and there is no reason that age needs to be a barrier to enjoying horticulture. At Monarch [...]

  • Assisted Living Checklist

    At Monarch, we know that the moving process requires a lot of preparation which can not only be stressful but extremely emotional for everyone involved. Whether or not you still live in your home now or [...]