About Monarch

Our People

Building connections is at the heart of what we do: connecting with ourselves, connecting with our loved ones, and connecting with each and every member on our team. When you meet our people at the front doors, serving you food, and out on the floor getting to know residents, you get to see this message come to life!

Our people know that everyone in our community is an individual with a vibrant personal life, passions, and complex personal history. Because we believe that each unique individual has a part in making our community stronger, we offer a next-generation approach to senior living that emphasizes an environment where people can truly be their authentic selves, creating a rich, diverse culture all our own.

So whether you want to join our team or you are interested in moving yourself or a loved one into one of our communities, know that our people at Monarch will treat you as a valued individual that is worthy of only the highest level of respect and dignity.

Our Mission is a Team Effort

Monarch’s mission is to be the leader in developing customized lifestyle options for senior living with a focus on health and wellness, but this isn’t possible without the help of our entire team behind us!

Each and every member of our team is committed to developing progressive yet approachable communities to support the needs of all future generations. We want to transform healthcare infrastructure so that people can not only age well but live well and THRIVE.

At Monarch, residents will engage in a life where creativity, variety and diversity thrive. Enhanced by technology and concierge services, Monarch is an á la carte experience connecting residents to local services, restaurants and businesses as well as to the rich social fabric of the communities from which they come.

The Five Pillars of Monarch

As with everything at Monarch, these five pillars are interconnected. At the heart of each one is respect and care for individuals and for the communities that sustain them.

1. Mission-Driven Design

Monarch designs shared spaces that promote joyful connection between staff, residents, their families, the extended community, nature, and environment. A considerate approach to design and architecture does two things: creates spaces that feel more relevant to a modern lifestyle and it also integrates buildings into the surroundings. As a result, Monarch is part of the wider world rather than a world apart.

2. Holistic Care

In addition to the many ways that Monarch fosters community, we also offer a wealth of care touchpoints that support wellness as defined by the Global Wellness Institute, which is “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

3. Sustainability

Environmental considerations are essential to the health of the individual and of the entire ecosystem. Every element of our property helps reduce our carbon footprint while still supporting our goal of holistic wellness.

4. Diverse Culture

A vibrant cultural life is a vital component of any thriving community. We strive to represent both a rich diversity and a wide offering of cultural activities. What’s essential is that both our community and our programming are inclusive of the curiosity, expertise, and heritage of all staff and residents—and that they are all empowered to keep learning and growing in whatever direction they choose.

5. Technology

Monarch is proactive in finding technologies that help care for residents, encourage individual learning, and foster connection. Partnerships with best-in-class providers of senior living programs allow our communities to modernize and enhance resident experiences while adding value for all.

Want to Be Part of the Next Generation of Senior Living?

Our team members are the people that families first talk to about their aging loved ones. They are the people who interact with our residents every single day. They are the ones who lift us up, celebrate our joys, and support us on our lowest days.

In short, there is no Monarch without the dedication and passion of our team members.

Every member of our community needs support and care to thrive, including our employees. That is why we designed our architecture not just with residents and families in mind, but also staff. For example, our break rooms are in the front of our communities, as a centralized, open location. This helps our staff feel comfortable, welcome, and seen.

Plus, our pay rates and benefits are competitive, because we believe in a rich work-life balance. If you’re looking for a new direction in your career, come see why Monarch is revolutionizing the way people think about senior living.

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