Wellness at Monarch

The heart of Monarch Communities® is contemporary, person-centric wellness. It inspires everything we do, from the food we serve to the innovative design of our communities. We take a highly customized, curated, and an organic approach to create a space where residents and staff can be nourished in spirit, body, and mind.

Spirit, Body + Mind

We know that senior health services need to consider the whole individual in order to truly elevate quality of life. This is why every single aspect of our community—from the vibrant culture to the highly-personalized, curated list of wellness programs—works together as one in a shared wellness ecosystem.

As such, our comprehensive care services consider every part of the individual’s overall health: physical health, emotional health, mental health, and social well-being. Together in balance with productivity and peace, we help create invaluable experiences for each guest and their families in order to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

Environments Designed With Purpose

The catalyst behind Monarch’s architecture? The belief that the physical environment has the capacity to transform lives by inspiring our residents, staff, and guests to live happier and healthier. In every aspect of our communities, Monarch prioritizes the health of our residents and staff by providing an environment specifically designed around wellness.

Every aspect of every building is designed deliberately. We value open-space architecture with lots of windows and connecting spaces to create a welcoming environment flooded with warm natural light. Even the color of our décor is intentional; we love earthy tones, as evidence-based research shows these colors invite peace and contentment.

Well Certification

WELL Building Standard

Monarch is committed to the WELL building standard, which takes a holistic approach to healthy living that aligns seamlessly with our core values.

The WELL Building Standard™ version 2 is the world’s premier standard for advancing health and well-being in the places where we spend our lives. It is a performance- based system of measurement which certifies and monitors the built environment.

WELL certifies certain aspects in the environment:

clean air and water

places for movement and physical activity

beauty and nature

lighting, sound and temperature

fostering community materials

nourishment and mind

Senior Health, Redefined

When people think about “senior healthcare,” they might simply reduce it down to health services for older adults at a geriatric medical center. That’s not how Monarch defines it, though, because it is so much more than that.

Though medical treatment is an important aspect of looking after one’s health, we believe that medical care without the “care” is simply not care at all. This is why our healthcare professionals attend to everyone’s needs in a holistic way.

The Monarch Metamorphosis encourages staff to see residents from a lens that is telling of their larger story. Therefore, when they get to know a resident’s likes, dislikes, and history, they know how to truly listen to your loved one’s concerns on even the most difficult of days. When residents enjoy spending time together and socializing, everyone feels at home in our community, lifting the spirits of all who enter our doors.

A Fully Personalized Wellness Experience

From the moment an individual steps through our doors, they’ll embark on a wellness journey that was created just for them by a community that truly cares.

Housekeepers, caregivers, receptionists, cooks, social workers… Every individual member of our team is one single—but vital—part of a larger community. And being part of a community means getting to know the people around you.

All staff members are committed to learning who our residents are: What are their go-to movies? Their favorite actors? What are their comfort foods? What are some of their fondest childhood memories? When team members truly get to know residents, they can forge genuine connections based on mutual respect. Those connections and gaining knowledge of what makes our residents who they are drives our approach to care.


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