Memory Care at Monarch Communities®

Every day is a new day to live life fully. Enjoy quality shared or private memory care options at Monarch Senior Living.

Dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment are challenging for both the people living with the disease and their families. In certain cases, moving a loved one to a community where they can receive personalized, professional care is the best choice, even if it’s also the hardest.

We know there is no place like home, but we’re the next best thing to in-home care. For family caregivers wondering how they can provide the best possible life for their loved ones, know that security, compassion, and true happiness can be found in Monarch Senior Living memory care neighborhoods. Here, we believe that even the most diffcult day is a new day to live life with dignity and joyful moments.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a level of care for older adults with memory loss and cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Also known as dementia care, it provides a structured, secure environment while considering each individual’s unique needs. A memory care neighborhood within the Monarch family of communities is purposefully designed to be intimate with small spaces to enjoy like home. This design encourages social engagement and helps our residents feel safer, less overwhelmed, and more comfortable.

Our memory care community does so much more than simply meet the physical needs of our residents. Their every need is met by unprecedented attention to detail — whether it’s tailored programming, 24/7 support, loving companions, or an emotional need, we are there for everyone who walks through our doors. We believe in getting to know each resident as an individual, which guides our approach to quality care.

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Mosaic by Monarch™

Memory Care

Life doesn’t stop when long-term care is needed. Instead, life is a mosaic of many individual moments that make up a human’s existence. That’s the philosophy behind our Mosaic by Monarch™ memory care program.

Our memory care approach appreciates the entirety of the individual and their past experiences, versus just this time in their lives. Recognizing their total being while still creating new opportunities for them to enjoy every day in a dignified manner will create a better experience for all — residents, family, and staff included.

Feeling loved is what makes our community truly feel like one big family; quality of life, social engagement, structure, and safety are the cornerstones of our neighborhoods. We offer the opportunity for memory care residents to learn new skills, retain old ones, and engage in social activities with their families and other residents in a secure environment. When social interaction comes first, no matter how hard each day is, every person knows that they have an entire community to care for and support them.

Promoting Wellness through Sensory Stimulation

Our program incorporates sensory stimulation, or programming that engages all the senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) to promote peace and contentment.

Baking a blueberry pie with one resident can spark fond memories of picking blueberries as a child. Listening to Celtic music could help another resident re-live a vacation to Ireland where he and his wife enjoyed listening to bagpipes while traveling the countryside. Manicures and hand massages can help another woman feel pampered and beautiful as she’s enjoyed for many years.

Through either group or one-on-one settings, we offer opportunities for people living with all stages of dementia to fully engage their senses and connect with happy memories to better enjoy the present.

Mosaic by Monarch™ memory care is a program to help individuals with memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body, and other forms of dementia. Talk to a representative to learn more.

Thoughtful, Curated Memory Care Services

Curated senior care is what we provide at Monarch, but unrivaled love and support is what we do. Many of our communities offer memory care services for residents and their families:

•   Three delicious meals daily
•   Meals for visiting family members
•   Move-in coordination services
•   Private, on-site medical consultations with healthcare providers
•   Assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, personal care, etc.)
•   Medication management services
•   Concierge services, including transportation
•   Housekeeping, laundry, and linen services
•   Residence and building maintenance services
•   Resident response wearable technology
•   Care plans that meet the unique needs of each resident

While helping individuals with memory impairment is one of the most important services offered in memory care, we also know that dementia is a family disease, affecting the entire familial structure. This is why in addition to the services listed above, we have trained professionals on staff to offer guidance and support to loved ones who are also on this journey.


Amenities To Live Each Day to the Fullest

We believe in the power of metamorphosis. To help our residents realize their potential and live each day to the fullest, we offer a wide range of excellent amenities. Below is just a sampling of the amenities that some of our communities offer:

•   Elegant and secured exterior courtyards and outdoor spaces with walking paths
•   Outdoor terraces for al fresco dining
•   Club room venues offering space for fitness classes and movie screenings
•   Comfortable, beautifully designed living rooms and lounge areas
•   Fitness centers offering state-of-the-art fitness equipment with wellness trainers
•   Beauty Salons + Spas offering massages, acupuncture, manicures/pedicures, and more
•   Cafés
•   Core Wellness Centers offering concierge medicine with on-site physicians
•   Well-appointed libraries
•   Greenhouse gardening and herbal gardens for horticultural therapy
•   Secured decks and gardens
•   Barber shops, banking, concierge services, and other on-site conveniences
•   Community activity centers
•   Butterfly gardens

Our People: Inspired By Those We Serve

It is the Monarch mission that staff see residents from a lens that is telling of their larger story. This is what makes us unique. It is not just our caregivers who have this belief, either. All of our staff — caregivers, cooks, wait staff, maintenance, concierge, and more — are trained to work with and support people living with dementia.

It is an honor and humbling experience to learn who our residents are: What are their likes? Their dislikes? Their history? What makes your loved one… your loved one? This information helps us forge a better, more sensitive, and more personal relationship with each resident. In turn, families achieve peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving specialized care from a community of compassionate individuals.

Every interaction, no matter how big or small, is all about creating genuine connections. We believe that you, your loved ones, our staff, and our community will be better off when we all work to support each other. support each other.

Wellness-Centered Approach

To create the best possible environment for everyone who enters our doors, everything we do is deliberate. Even the color of our walls and décor are meticulously chosen; we opt for all-natural, warm earthy tones, because evidence shows that those colors invite calmness and peace.

Also, due to certain challenges that often come as dementia progresses, we want to ensure the well-being of all dementia patients. That is why our memory care neighborhoods have advanced safety features that are architecturally designed with the needs of those living with dementia and cognitive impairment in mind.

No detail is too small or insignificant. We take everything into consideration to create the best possible environment, because the best possible environment facilitates the best possible experiences.

Big Picture Focus, Person-Centric Approach

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We never lose sight of you. After all, in a mosaic, all pieces together are equally brilliant, while each individual piece is brilliantly one-of-a-kind; always changing but always being cared for with dignity and respect. That’s our philosophy.

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